Quick Fix

Websites should just run on their own and never break…but they don’t.

If something isn’t working on your site and you can’t figure it out, you probably just need a quick fix. In my experience about 60% of issues with WordPress sites can be fixed within 30 minutes, and 80% can be fixed with 1 hour.

Here’s some common issues I can troubleshoot for you:

  • site is down
  • missing menu items
  • missing posts or pages
  • missing images
  • plugins not working
  • plugin conflicts
  • slow loading sites
  • links not working

How does it work?

Fill out the form and describe your issue, and I’ll be in contact within one business day.

I’ll need an admin account on your WordPress site, and in some cases access to your webhosting and FTP access (I’ll walk you through all of that).

How can I help your website?

Quick fixes are not meant for re-designing a website or adding functionality (e.g. adding a calendar or e-commerce plugin). If you need that kind of work, head over to my Web Design & Development page.

1-on-1 Coaching

Great for personal training and advice

Personalized training based on what you need to know.

Group Training

Great for businesses and organisations

Customized training for 2-8 people.

Website Quick Fix

Great for small fixes or changes to your site

Sometimes things break or you need to make a change.

Website Upkeep

Great for people who have better things to do

Keeping your site running with updates, backups and security.

Website Course

Great for non-profit organisations and artists

Build a simple website in a weekend with WordPress.com.