Non-Profit Pricing

30% off

Before I was a web designer I spent years working for non-profit organisations.

So, I know how challenging it can be to dedicate precious resources to your website.

To make it a little easier, I offer an across-the-board 30% discount to all non-profit organisations.

Take a look below at the savings available to you and your organisation.

How Can I Help?

1-on-1 Coaching

Great for personal training and advice



Non-Profit Price

Personalized training based on what you need to know.

Group Training

Great for businesses and organisations



Non-Profit Price

Customized training for 2-8 people.

Website Quick Fix

Great for small fixes or changes to your site

$50/half hour

$35/half hour

Non-Profit Price

Sometimes things break or you need to make a change.

Website Upkeep

Great for people who have better things to do



Non-Profit Price

Keeping your site running with updates, backups and security.

Build a Website

Great for non-profit organisations and artists



Non-Profit Price

Build a simple website in a weekend with